Vacuum & Shampoo/Spot Remover - 2 Motor - Without Bill Acceptor - Vault Ready

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Category Car Wash
Line Combination Units
Model # 9501VR
Shipping Weight 221.00 lb. 

This unit comes standard with the following features (unless noted) and identifies replacement products:

  • (2) 120 volt motors (Replacement Item #8055EM)
  • Requires 20 AMP service
  • Thomas 1/12 HP oil-less air compressor (Replacement Item #8824)
  • 4 quick-change filter bags (Replacement Item #8076)
  • Twin cam lock locking system used for faceplate (Replacement Item #8953)
  • Pin lock style locking system for coin box (Replacement Item #8638)
  • 2 service doors for easy maintenance
  • Toggle switch to select vacuum or shampoo/spot remover
  • Rocker switch on brush to select shampoo or spot remover
  • Dixmor digital display with coin counter, scrolls messages, price for service depending on toggle switch setting, counts down time, and recalculates time if switch is toggled in mid-cycle (Replacement Item # 8000-19)
  • Digital display can be easily programmed with remote control which is available at a nominal charge (Item #8000-30)
  • Last coin lamp and alarm
  • Imonex electronic coin acceptor takes US $1.00 coins, US quarters, 1.073 and 0.984 tokens (Replacement Item #8149-92)
    • This coin mech accepts tokens as an equal value to its like coin only (quarter = 0.984 token & dollar coin = 1.073 token) and is NOT programmable. For example, if you set the unit to vend for $1.00, with this coin mech, that would require (4) quarters or (4) 0.984 tokens to start. If you want 1 token to equal multiple quarters you need to upgrade to a programmable coin mech. See Item # 8131-33.
  • Hoses: Black, 2” x 15’, swivel cuff and nozzle included (25’ and 50’ also available in 1 1/2” or 2” for additional charge).  
  • 2" x 15' hose available in red, blue, yellow and green at no additional charge
  • Lighted dome available in red, blue, yellow, dark green and white
  • Optional Service Door Security Door Item #9427K available at an additional fee.
  • Optional Clean-out Bag (Item #8599) and Clean-out Container (Item #8080) are available for purchase
  • Comes with 1 gallon each of J.E. Adams’ premixed formulas: (1) shampoo and (1) spot remover. JE Adams uses an alcohol based product and only warranties items purchased as such. Oil based chemicals are not recommended.

    • Shampoo & Spot Remover dispenses 2.5 gallons of foam per minute, which is equal to 1 oz of liquid formula. 1 gallon of liquid formula = 128 oz and the dispensing rate is 1 oz per minute. One gallon of liquid formula yields 128 minutes of vend time.

VAULT READY DESCRIPTIONThere are two primary ways to store coins in a self-serve environment; either inside the equipment in a coin box or in a vault that is installed beneath the meter to collect coins. Vaults can hold anywhere from $700 in quarters for the 10-inch model up to $1600 for the 18-inch (10”, 14”, and 18” vaults available for sale). Since most vaults are cemented or bricked in on all sides they are very difficult for thieves to break into.