DANGER Explosive - English/French

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Category Car Wash
Line Replacement Parts - Decals - Pricing, Informational & Warning Decals
Model # 8754
Shipping Weight 2 oz. 
"DANGER:  This equipment incorporates parts such as switches, motors, or the like, that can cause an explosion. When located in gasoline-dispensing and service stations install and use at least 20 feet horizontally from the exterior enclosure of any dispensing pump and at least 18 inches above a driveway or ground level."  ENGLISH

"DANGER:  Cet appareil comporte des pieces telles des commutateurs, des moteurs ou des pieces sililaires pouvant causer une explosion. Si l'appareil est installe dans un poste de distribution d'essence ou une station-service, il faut assurer un degagement horizontal minimal de 6 metres entre l'appareil et l'enceinte exterieure de toute pompe distributrice et un degagement vertical minimal de 45,7 cm entre celui-ci et le sol."  FRENCH

Dimensions: 6" H x 3 3/4" W