Unloader for Devilbiss Compressor

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Category Car Wash
Line Replacement Parts - Compressors
Model # 7122-70
Shipping Weight 1.34 lb. 
Unloader for Devilbiss Compressor used with JE Adams Air/Vac Machines, Air/Water/Vac Machines, Air/Water Machines, & Air Machines.

Set at 70 PSI.

Applies to the following models: 
AIR/VAC UNITS:  9420H, 9420HV, 9420-1, 9420-1C, 9420-1V
AIR/WATER/VAC UNITS: 8648H, 8648, 8648VR
AIR:  8670-2BA, 8670-2FBA, 8670-2A, 8670-2VA, 8670-2FA
AIR/WATER:  8670-2WBA, 8670-2WFBA, 8670-2WA, 8670-2WVA, 8670-2WFA