Imonex - Electronic Coin Mech - Air & Air/Water Machines Only - US ONLY

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Category Car Wash
Line Replacement Parts - Coin Acceptors - Air & Air/Water Machines
Model # 8124B092
Shipping Weight 11 oz. 
  • Accept U.S. coins/tokens only¬†(Use 8124B095 or 8124B096 for Canadian coins/tokens)
  • No moving parts, manual coin processing system
  • Processes damaged coins; dramatically reduces coin-related service calls and machine downtime
  • Ends alignment problems
  • Integrated anti-stringing coin race
  • Engineered and built for world markets
  • Ends rust problems
  • Can be set to handle pricing before sending a start pulse to your machine.
  • DIP switch programmable
  • Covers over the DIP switches to protect board from unforgiving environment
  • Labels on wires for easy installation
  • Overpayment option
  • Pulse length is DIP switch programmable for several pulse lengths
  • Multiplier is DIP switch programmable for different valued coins
  • Vend amount is DIP switch programmable for up to 63 times the lower currency coin
  • Operator feedback via a bright LED for power on and pulse output indication
  • Remote mountable
  • Operates with 12-24 Volt DC or AC power
  • Sealed Dip Switches
  • Circuitry protected from power surges, shorts or incorrect wiring
  • Coated electronics for moist environments
  • Optics virtually eliminate vibration credit problems.