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Vault Assembly for Ultra Series Vacuums

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Category Car Wash
Line Vault & Form Assemblies
Model # 8685-5100A-3
Shipping Weight 54.00 lb. 
There are two primary ways to store coins in a self-serve environment; either inside the equipment in a coin box or in a vault that is installed beneath the meter to collect coins. Since vaults are cemented in on all sides they are very difficult for thieves to break into. JE Adams provides the 2” threaded nipple and vault tube cover for most units. This vault assembly (which holds $550 in quarters) used in conjunction with the form assembly is designed to help you create a vault system for your Ultra Series Vacuums.

Used with models: 9215VR, 9215V-VR, 9215LD-VR, 9215LDV-VR, 29001, 29003, 29016, 29018, 29026, 29028, 29036, 29038, 29050VR, 29051VR, 29061, 29063

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