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Digital Air/Water Machine with Vault

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Category Car Wash
Line Air Machines & Air/Water Machines
Model # 8799SVW
Shipping Weight 0 oz. 
  • Gast 3/4 HP oil-less compressor, 18 month warranty (replacement item #9862)
  • Dimensions of unit (not base or vault): 41"H X 14"D X 16"W
  • Digital Air System, inflates and deflates based upon desired pressure input
  • Push Button control for inflate, deflate and flat tire mode
  • Pressure range from 4-70 PSI, accuracy can be calibrated to within .1 PSI
  • Free tire check without inserting money
  • Credit card systems can be added for an additional fee
  • Locking system consists of Medeco plug lock
  • Temperature safe range from -20 DEG F to 158 DEG F
  • Stainless Steel LED lit dome with remote control to change colors, patterns and speed
  • (2) Metal coin drop acceptors with  mechanical switch (replacement item #8144A)
  • Cut resistant 25' x 1/4" wire braid hose with in-line open flow chuck (replacement items #8532-25 Air Hose; #8533-13 Chuck)
  • Includes the vault assembly system that is to be embedded in concrete (reusable concrete form 8685-4000A is needed to complete vault construction)
  • Blue (Air/Water #8799DW-BKIT) or Black (Air/Water #8799DW-KIT) decal kits available
  • Available optional hose reel box: Air only #8799-515A; Air/Water #8799-515AW
  • Includes a 3/8 Allen Wrench for unlocking doors. Item #29000-ALLEN ‚Äč