Detergent Injectors - Adjustable - 3500 PSI

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Category High Pressure
Line Injectors
Model # 7655
Shipping Weight 8 oz. 
Temp: 180
Material: Brass
PSI: 3500
These brass body injectors allow you to control water flow by means of an external adjusting knob. This allows the injector to cover a broader range of flows, taking much of the guesswork out of injector selection. They may be used on either the upstream or downstream side of the pump. On the upstream side the valve covers a range of .5-3.5 GPM @ 10-120 PSI. On the downstream side the flow rate is adjustable from 2-8 GPM with a maximum pressure of 3500 PSI.

TheĀ 7655 comes with a metering barb on the chemical inlet and is adjustment from 0%-13% dependant on GPM and pressure.