Imonex - Z32 Electronic Multi Coin Acceptor

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Category Car Wash
Line Replacement Parts - Coin Acceptors - Vacuums & Combo Units
Model # 8149-92
Shipping Weight 8 oz. 
Imonex electronic coin acceptor takes:
  • US $1.00 coins
  • US quarters
  • 1.073 tokens
  • 0.984 tokens

This coin mech accepts tokens as an equal value to its like coin only (quarter = 0.984 token & dollar coin = 1.073 token) and is NOT programmable. For example, if you set the unit to vend for $1.00, with this coin mech, that would require (4) quarters or (4) 0.984 tokens. If you want 1 token to equal multiple quarters you need to upgrade to a programmable coin mech. See item #8131-11.