IDX Small Display Timer - GT200

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Category Car Wash
Line Replacement Parts - Timers
Model # 8131-8
Shipping Weight 12 oz. 
IDX Small Display Timer will track and display coin value deposited and time remaining. Scrolls a changeable welcome introductory message up to 72 characters in length and the letters are 0.75" high.

It provides for a grace period of 20 seconds at the end of the timing cycle where the customer may deposit additional coins without the penalty of having to deposit the full minimum number of coins-to-start in order to continue and complete it cycle. This grace period reduces the stress level of your customers and makes it more likely that they actually will take an extra minute or two with one or two more coins.

This timer also provides for two separate Time/Value operating characteristics. For example, one could set Time/Value "A" = 4 minutes per $1.00 and set Time/Value "B" to 6 minutes per $1.00. In this example, Time/Value B will give the customer 50% more time for the same amount of money.