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Tire Shine Station - 220 Volt

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Category Car Wash
Line Detail Stations
Model # 16000-220V
Shipping Weight 150.00 lb. 

This unit comes standard with the following features (unless noted) and identifies replacement products:     

  • Requires 5 AMP service, 220 Volt at 50Hz 
  • Louvered sides minimize heat build-up inside cabinet
  • Imonex coin acceptor takes quarters (Replacement Item #8149)
  • Large Dixmor digital display timer – scrolls messages, counts down time, scrolls price of services (Replacement Item #8000-15)
  • Digital display can be easily programmed with remote control which is available at a nominal charge (Item #8000-30)
  • Medeco threaded door locks (Replacement Item #8958-1)
  • Pin lock style coin box (Replacement Item #8638)
  • Coin box holds 940 quarters or $235.00 (Replacement Item #8204RW)
  • Thomas 1/12HP oil-less compressor (Replacement Item #8824)
  • Internal automatic heater
  • Optional last coin alert and additional mechanical coin acceptors are available
  • Wall mounted or pedestal mounted (Item #8819)  **PEDESTAL SOLD SEPARATELY**
  • Comes with one gallon of JE Adams pre-mixed Tire Shine formula (Replacement Item #29035-10). JE Adams uses an alcohol based product and only warranties items purchased as such. Oil based chemicals are not recommended.
    • Unit dispenses 3/4 of an ounce every 30 seconds. The peristaltic pump pushes the fluid through the line and then mixes with air at the nozzle to give an even spray on the tire. There is a spray nozzle on the end to fan out the spray and you can generally coat 4 tires with a 30 second application.