Model Shown: 8670-DIG - Shown with optional pedestal. Item #8819.

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Digital Air Machine

With our digital air machine proper tire inflation is no loger a hassle.  Automatic high-precision calibration is now quick and consistent. The unit automatically inflates or deflates a tire to within 0.5 PSI of the desired pressure. All the operator needs to do is set the target PSI. No need to shut off the unit as it reaches its goal; nor to pre-deflate a tire to create headroom for the unit to work. Ending over-inflation through advanced calibration. By introducing digital PSI calibration into the equation has made inexact, time-consuming manual inflation obsolete.

Using the plus and minus buttons, set recommended tire pressure and connect the hose chuck to the tire valve stem. The unit will read the actual tire pressure, automatically inflate or deflate to the pre-set pressure. When complete, the gauge will automatically stop and beep, indicating that the operation is complete.  

This unit comes standard with the following features (unless noted):

  • GAST 3/4 HP oil less air compressor, 90 PSI, 18-month warranty 
  • Inflates/Deflates to preset pressure
  • Easy to read LCD backlit display
  • Electric touch button used to set desired tire pressure with + and - buttons
  • Built in unit heater
  • Temperature safe from -20 degrees F to 158 degrees F
  • Automatic compressor shut off
  • Electronic pressure relief valve
  • JB7 coin box with locking cover
  • High security lock bar system
  • Imonex mechanical coin acceptor takes US quarters (optional coin mech available)
  • Flat tire button determines back pressure and fills accordingly
  • Pressure range 4-70 psi (accuracy +/- .5psi)
  • The unit comes ready to be wall mounted or you can purchase a pedestal (Item #8819), retractable hose reel air only (Item #6025-DIG), retractable hose reel air/water (Item #6026-DIG)  *PEDESTALS & REELS SOLD SEPARATELY*

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