Model Shown: 29035

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Ultra Series Vacuum & Tire Shine

JE Adams Tire Shine unit is designed to be used after the vehicle has been cleaned. It is used in place of Armor All to give tires a glossy finished look by covering the tire with a light mist. An on/off switch on the gun controls overflow and you won't have to worry about towels, rags, or messy pads left behind as no wiping is required. With an average vend time of $1.00 for 1 minute this is sure to be a profit center for you.  

  • Comes with 1 gallon of tire shine formula
  • Dispenses 3/4 oz. of tire shine formula in 30 seconds which is equal to 1.5 oz of liquid formula per minute. 1 gallon of liquid formula = 128 oz and the dispensing rate is 1.5 oz per minute.
  • One gallon of liquid formula yields 85 minutes of vend time or 170 thirty-second vend cycles.
  • Large digital display timer is highly visible and easy to read, scrolls messages, calculates time between functions and recalculates time when switched during any function, and has a coin counter built in
  • Visual and audible last coin alarm
  • Optional remote control programmer available to easily change digital display message or time/charge of service
  • Comes with 7 Medeco locks (3 for the control door, 1 for an internal bill acceptor locking box, 1 for an internal coin acceptor locking box, and 2 for the tire shine formula compartment)
  • Bill acceptor takes $1.00 and $5.00 bills (Mars bill acceptor available)
  • Imonex electronic coin acceptor takes U.S. $1.00 coins, U.S. quarters, 1.073 and 0.984 tokens (optional coin mechs available)
  • Lighted dome available in red, blue, yellow, dark green, and white
  • Double service doors offer easy access to clean out compartment and 4 filter bag system
  • Hose: 2” x 15’, swivel cuff and nozzle included (15’, 25’, and 50’ available in 1 1/2” or 2”)
  • Vacuum hose available in black, red, blue, green, and yellow at no additional cost
  • Optional accessories available at an additional charge: Service Door Security Cover (Item #9427K), Vinyl Clean-out Bag (Item #8599) and Rubber Clean-out Container (Item #8080)
  • Don't have a 30 AMP service available? We also sell this model without the Turbo Motor feature to accommodate 20 AMPs.

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