Turbo Towel - Hot Air Dryer


This innovative new dryer features a patented air heating system that uses a 1200 watt element and is the only product on the market that features this type of additional heating option (note: competitive designs use only the heat from the blower motors to aid in the drying process). With the use of 1 motor versus the competitions 3 motor style units you'll need less replacement parts and provide your customers with a quicker dry. The Turbo Towel design boasts air speeds of 200+ MPH at the end of the blower nozzle for rapid dissipation of water droplets. The internal heating element engages when ambient temperature is below 79 degrees to provide a streak and spot free finish.

Available in 120 volt and 220 volt models.

Options: In-Bay dryer tied to your meter box, coin and/or bill operated detail station, combination units with vacuums.  

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