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If you are looking for extra security on your JE Adams industrial vacuum, detail station, and/or air machine equipment we have numerous items available.

In an effort to minimize theft in the coin boxes an 8202W (or 8940-1W depending on model) can easily be placed over the coin box and is used in conjunction with an 8206 lock bar and a 6024 abus lock.

There are two options to decrease people from rummaging through your trash collection or getting into your filter bag section.
  1. The 9427K is a security channel that is welded at our factory to completely cover both door latches and locks with a Medeco lock.
  2. The other option is an 8104 which is a security kit that covers the door latches and locks with an Abus lock (Item #6024). One 8104 covers (1) door. If you have a 2 door vacuum you would order (2) of this item.  

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Pin Lock with 2 Keys
Model # 8638
Medeco Cam Lock
Model # 8953-30
Medeco Cam Lock
Model # 8953
Medeco Screw Lock
Model # 8958-1A
Cam Lock w/2 Keys
Model # 8138

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Security Option - Abus Lock

Model # 6024-3