Arch Systems

Central Vacuum System

We are committed to gathering all pertinent data to assure that we are sizing your producer to the exact specifications of your site.  This is a critical component in maximizing the suction and having a producer that will last for years.
Whether you want a pay system at your wash or you will offer the vacuum at no cost, we can accommodate your needs.
No job is too big or too small for us to provide the right equipment.  Our sales staff will work with you and your distributor to make sure you will have a system that will bring your customers back time and time again. 
We strive to help you provide a safe site that your customers want to come back to.  Hoses off the ground, superior suction large canopies and excellent lighting all lead to a positive experience for them.


Pole Mounted Vacuum Systems

50 years of building quality vacuums coupled with the stanchion and arch systems that everyone has come to expect; this is how we provide your customers with a quality experience that will bring them back again and again.
Pay vacuums, mounted on our V Formation Arch System, allow every customer to have a drop and mat rack on both sides of their vehicle.  Adding the canopy and lighting provides a comfortable, safe environment for your customers.   
If you don’t want the big producer running all day every day, yet value excellent suction with the convenience of the poles and arches, J. E. Adams Industries pole mounted vacuum is the obvious choice for you. 


Swivel Boom

Add life to your hoses and convenience for your customers with the J.E. Adams Industries line of Vacuum Booms.  We offer Swivel and Fixed Vacuum Booms that will keep your hoses off the ground, free of dirt and untangled.  The boom will make the vacuuming experience much easier on your customers and keep them coming back to your vacuums!  If you want to use your existing 3 motor vacuums, this is the best option for you.